Personal Training


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Personal Training at AGF is achieved through Private, Semi-Private, & Group Training. We have a specific system that we follow that will allow your muscles to recover and will push you to maximize your time and gain the best possible results. We are big advocates on focusing on safety, program design, proper body mechanics, and technique. We strive to educate our clients on using proper form to reduce and eliminate injury or pain. Our programming includes using free weights, machines, functional training equipment, boxing & kick boxing, and much more!


Youth Sport Psychology



The purpose of sport psychology is to empower you to develop a championship and learn how to cope with emotions on and off the playing surface of life. We have a proven system that I have developed that has helped businesses, individuals, and athletes achieve their goals. Athlete Growth and Fitness focuses on working with youth athletes and empowers them to gain the life skills necessary to tackle obatcles they face on and off the playing surface.


Fitness Evaluation




At AGF, we want to ensure you get the results you deserve. Our fitness evaluation consist of evaluating your health, body composition, flexibility, muscular endurance, muscular strength, and cardiovascular fitness.


Online Coaching




Online Coaching with AGF focuses on enhancing your overall game. We take you through our AGF Coaching system to inspire you to make changes in your life to become the best version of yourself. Online coaching is suitable for youth athletes, individuals looking to lose body fat or gain muscle, and if you need nutrition guidance.


Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

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The purpose of nutrition and lifestyle coaching is to empower you to develop a championship eating habits

We have a proven system that I have developed that has helped businesses, individuals, and athletes achieve their goals.


Group Training



Group Training with AGF incorporates a broad range of training modalities. Group training is fun, engaging, and pushes you to optimize your performance.


Sport Specific Training




Sport Specific Training is essential for developing your overall game on and off the playing surface of life. At AGF, we enhance your overall game by implementing agility, linear, and lateral training. Sports incorporate many movements and we ignite your performance by coaching you on sport specific movements.