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Losing weight, gaining muscle, and feeling great are the results we all seek in life! It takes discipline, education, and a burning desire to obtain peak performance! Welcome to Athlete Growth - a state-of-the-art sport and performance coaching company that empowers its students to get in the game of life and grow!


It all begins with building a solid foundation in your mental, nutritional, and physical game!


We empower you to develop a championship mind-set daily!



Athlete Growth


#grow the athlete within




Who We Are

We empower students to grow the athlete within and develop a championship

mindset daily!

Our Mission


It is our mission to guide, encourage, grow, and provide programs and services that will benefit the lives of our athletes. AG is on a never ending journey towards enhancing all aspects of life (physical, mental and nutritional). This takes a daily process of applying AG principles and a burning desire to want to be better. We invite you to join us and GROW THE ATHLETE WITHIN!


Why the Name Athlete Growth?


The term Athlete refers to an individual who possesses physical skill, agility, speed, quickness, endurance, stamina, power and strength. In addition, an athlete is an individual who has discipline, muscular development, and is a person who takes action.


The term Growth refers to the process of maturity and development. Growth occurs when individuals learn lessons through life and gain experience from winning and losing. At AG, we believe that Growth is a never ending process. We should always be striving to educate ourselves, develop our purpose, seek our vision and accomplish our goals.


Since 2010, Athlete Growth has helped individuals take both their athletic and growth potential and make one explosive combination. Truthfully, everyone can benefit from the programs and services we have to offer. In some way or another YOU ARE AN ATHLETE AND YOU CAN ALWAYS GROW!

Meet the Founder

Dorron Blumberg M.A., NSCA-CSCS

Founder of Athlete Growth

The Performance Playbook

Mind, Nutrition, and Physical Training System

The Performance Playbook™ is a dedicated system for meeting your performance goals. It is a unique system created by Dorron Blumberg and his life experience throughout his years of life and performance work. This system will inspire, coach, and guide you to eliminate negative habits and build upon successful strategies to get you from point A to point B.


If you continually fail to get results in your workouts, struggle with performance in sports, or you are looking to complete your first race/ enhance your skills in fitness and sports, then this 90 program known as The Performance Playbook™ is perfect for you! It encompasses 10 key steps for building your foundation for success in the game of performance. Each step builds on one another to propel you forward and empower you to grow the athlete within!

10 KEY


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What We Do

We provide Sport & Performance Coaching around the principles and concepts contained within The Performance Playbook™

Coaching for Athletes and Fitness

AG coaching guides its students to become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Our coaching system makes you think about how your current performance is affecting your results on and off the playing surface of life.


Sport & Performance Coaching/Consulting

Our 90 day coaching system will empower you to grow the athlete within and enhance your overall game in life (mind, body, and nutrition). Coaching is provided once a week in a 60-90 minute session that encompasses a detailed overview of the week’s lesson plan, goals, and specific actions to take your game to the next level. Our coaching system is conducted in a private (one on one) or group setting

(2 or more students). Contact us for pricing on our coaching services.


Performance Workshops

AG provides performance workshops that engage students to take action on the ten key areas of focus within The Performance Playbook™. The Performance Workshop is conducted in a customized format in an individual, group, or team environment. AG provides their workshop at several locations throughout South Florida. Contact us to lean more about our performance workshop.


Schedule Coming Soon!





Our Results


We focus on developing key values and habits that will lead to continued success on and off the playing surface of life!

Athlete Growth Values that encourage our students to gain optimal results!


• Discipline – AG provides a detailed and professional plan for empowering you to achieve your goals in your performance.


• Passion – AG is on a never ending journey towards growing the athlete within and learning new information to serve its students best.


• Consistency – AG works to present a consistent action plan that hones in with your core values in life and gets you to focus on what matters most.


• Belief – AG has a strong belief in coaching all aspects in performance: Mind, Body, Emotions, and Nutrition.


• Honor – AG honors and respects your privacy. We abide to rules set by AASP- Association for Applied Sport Psychology (read here for more information).



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